Update Alert on Criminal Case

Update Alert on Criminal Case

September 2019 UPDATE – Make sure you provide your updated contact information to Richard Cayne at Meyer International Ltd.  As per August’s e-mail update from Cayne the lawyers are making progress and ask that your most recent contact information is on hand.  If you have moved or changed information you should contact Meyer immediately and update them.

August 2019 UPDATE – White Sands Beach:

Richard Cayne has been in court over a dozen times this year taking further actions on behalf of all WSB claimants.  It seems the intensity has increased and there may be positive news into the new year.  We are all anxiously awaiting.

August 2017 UPDATE-3rd Party law firms trying to solicit and deceive

***It has come to our attention that another group using some small law firm(s) in Bangkok are trying to deceive original WSB shareholders in the hopes of getting them to sign power of attorney forms over to them stating that a judgement has been rendered and if they want any payout then they need to be appointed. Be aware they also state they will not charge a fee but rather a 30% success fee on some inflated claim number which investors will have a hard time substantiating and in ADDITION they will separately add their expense fees.  We have heard from a few members in our group that these “expenses” will be so inflated that in best case result you will receive ZERO back from your claim with these lawyers manipulating their representation. Further, the solicitations we have seen do not fully disclose the status of the cases and in fact we are told that one of the firms claiming to have finally won their case against White Sands Beach recently lost a case to seize the land from another creditor. Make sure you are getting all the facts before signing anything! Be aware and stay away. We suggest if you are approached by some Thai law firm to 1st inform yourself by contacting Richard Cayne at www.meyerjapan.com

June 2016 UPDATE-

***We have been watching this case unfold and have received information that Gregory Pitt is criminal. Not only has he scammed good people through White Sands Beach, but also his Managed Saving scheme. Now he has transferred our land to a convicted criminal on bail. Pitt is using a convicted criminal to steal our land!!

WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! Pitt is a convicted criminal and is fugitive. He needs to be put in jail so we can recover our land!! We need money to pay investigators to find and arrest Pitt. The lawyers continue to do their job and now the fugitive Gregory Pitt needs to be tracked down.


October 2015 UPDATE- Arrest Warrant issued in Thailand for Gregory Pitt.

*** Gregory Pitt has skipped out on his mandatory court appearance where he was to receive verdict on his appeal to his 18 year prison sentence. He has broken bail and in contempt of court. Clearly Pitt didn’t want to face the music and has run. He is now a fugitive of justice with arrest warrant issued and will soon be circulated around Thailand. Police will now be looking to arrest him. Should you have any information on his whereabouts contact Blumenthal Richter Sumet law firm in Bangkok so they may pass the information onto the authorities. Apparently some investors have taken matters into their own hands posted a reward for information leading to the arrest of Gregory Pitt.

Richard Cayne confirms he is pressing on with further legal actions to regain control of the land asset for investor claimants. Godspeed Richard***

The White Sands Beach Co Ltd litigation has resulted in Mr Gregory Pitt getting 18 years imprisonment sentence after a full trial in Trat Thailand. Mr Gregory Pitt has been found guilty of Offenses relating to the Partnerships, Companies, Associations and Foundations Act. This is a major event and comes as good news. Though we do not yet know what it means for us as investors it clearly demonstrates how Richard Cayne has helped us all make progress and get justice for us. This has instilled renewed confidence in the capabilities of Richard Cayne and his law firm and is certainly a step in the right direction. Gregory Pitt surely would be well advised to seek a deal with the investors and return the land asset which belongs to them. Pitt’s appeal hearing is soon to be read and we expect his sentence maintained until he does right by us investors. According to a legal update there should be more news around this by end of this year.

Here is the official court decision