What is White Sands Beach?

White Sands Beach/Royal Siam Trust Co Ltd is a land banking investment which was offered for sale to investors by White Sands Beach and Royal Siam Trust Company. During the six year period from 2004 to 2010 several hundred investors made investments into White Sands Beach Ltd, attracted to the investment potential by Thailand’s booming tourist industry and land values. Some of us, as clients of Richard Cayne, were among the hundreds of investors who invested in White Sands Beach Ltd.

Royal Siam Trust

Much has been written about Royal Siam Trust Company Ltd. As you will read below, Royal Siam Trust was used as a conduit to facilitate investments into White Sands Beach. However, the background and value of Royal Siam Trust were proclaimed by Gregory Pitt via his law firm MacKenzie Smith law (see supporting documents #1, #2 and #3), which we believed as it was from a supposed law firm. We now have learned that Gregory Pitt is not an attorney but we would have good reason to believe he was an attorney signing documents from a law firm.  Issuing such letters from a law firm and not being a lawyer is a misrepresentation at best.  Was this a scam at work?  We do not know but why would a person who is not a lawyer sign legal opinions? Ultimately these documents show why the courts in Thailand handed Gregory Pitt an 18 year prison sentence for cheating and fraud.