Gregory Pitt’s Accomplices

Gregory Pitt Accomplices found!

John Derek Pickard of JP Solutions Thailand (a small computer fix it shop who’s accounts show doesn’t make any money – good luck to his clients ) was clearly helping Gregory Pitt.  In fact John Pickard not only helped Greg Pitt with transportation as they shared a car and Pickard even helped Gregory Pitt offload his white BMW 5 series in time for his runner but Pickard’s wife Yen is currently selling a house in Baan Pu Thailand that Gregory Pitt used to own and live in!!  Perhaps Pickard has been paid in part by this house that Pitt was trying to sell prior to his disappearance.

John Pickard knew full well that Gregory Pitt was trying to screw the investors out of their asset and assisted him.  John Pickard was in fact the appointed managing Director of Royal Siam for a period and so he knew on a daily basis what Pitt was doing and to date has been protecting him.

In 2014 Pickard had offered to drive some dodgy witnesses to testify against our claim at Pitt!

In March 2014 Pitt had written about Pickard “Without their tireless help I know I would still be in jail right now!”

Even John Pickard’s staff Nattamon Tomwari helped Pitt with translations of his defense in 2014

In 2015 Pickard helped arrange a Chevrolet car for Gregory Pitt to roam around in.

He no doubt knows where Gregory Pitt is!

Of course Mr. Benny Moafi who runs Ratchada Law Firm is also helping Gregory Pitt but that’s to be expected as his lawyer.  The interesting bits are that Benny is not a registered lawyer in Thailand.  In fact he doesn’t even have a valid work permit to do any work in Thailand!  How exactly he helped Pitt was in agreeing to a 20 million Bhat success fee (once Benny helps him sell the 261 Rai of land in White Sands Beach )to be split between Ratchada Law Firm lawyer as well as a Peter Fretton who made the introduction between Benny and Gregory Pitt.  Finding someone to defend Pitt’s illegal actions was not easy to do but seems like Benny takes on any cases for a fee.  Benny is played up online as some sort of hero and victim of Thailand’s legal sector when it fact it is Benny that takes advantage of Thailand’s system.

Interestingly enough in 2015 Gregory Pitt and Benny had a strong argument where even Pitt himself acknowledged that Benny is not a lawyer not even in his home country and called him a glorified interpreter!  What we want to know is why Benny continues to help Pitt as he must know the damages that Pitt has caused to so many individuals who want their land asset back.  Of course it could simply be the money and Benny has stated the land is his and continues to try and find a way to fire sell it before the courts take it back from him!