What Does Richard Cayne Have to Do With White Sands Beach?

Richard Cayne and his investment firm, Meyer Asset Management introduced several investors to White Sands Beach. Neither Richard Cayne nor Meyer were ever involved in the management of White Sands Beach or White Sands Beach bank accounts.

Nevertheless, we see Richard’s action as the only positive action that anyone is taking on behalf of investors at this time. No one else in our view is doing anything concrete to try to help us. To date Richard has helped coordinate the case at Gregory Pitt for cheating us all. The result has so far been a prison sentence of 18 years for Gregory Pitt. We understand Gregory Pitt is attempting to appeal this court decision but unlikely to overturn it. He would be better handing White Sands Beach Company over to the investors so that the investors could then withdraw their charges. We trust Richard will continue to assist us until we regain control over the asset which we bought into. Richard Cayne Video on WSB