Diverting Attention to Richard Cayne

With the help of others who profit from the White Sands Beach, Gregory Pitt (aka Somphong Leekaew)  has initiated a virtual firestorm of online attacks on Richard Cayne. The strategy? Divert attention to someone else.  It’s a simple strategy but it hasn’t worked. But it’s worse than online attacks. Richard, his wife and family, his business associates and others have received death threats and threats of physical harm.  We want to know more about Gregory Pitt’s actions and involvement but Pitt with the help of Benny Moafi is intentionally driving attention to Richard Cayne and trying to discredit him. 

Seems the online attacks towards Richard Cayne have changed tone since the courts in Thailand have found Gregory Pitt guilty and rendered an 18 year prison sentence against him. Clearly Pitt a fugitive of justice has caused investors a lot of damage since he removed their share ownership back in 2010. Is Gregory Pitt now hiding in another country? Is Benny Moafi helping him hide in addition to posting online attacks on Richard Cayne?

As Pitt has given the control of WSB to his lawyer Benny Moafi at Ratchada Law further litigation is required to get it away from them and back to correct shareholders.  As this asset is of high value for sure the sharks are circling and other lawyers are trying to convince WSB claimants they can achieve a faster result.  They continue to manipulate facts and some claimants may be tricked and ultimately could loose any claim they legitimately have if they listen to these shark like lawyers.  Remember contingency success fees are ILLEGAL in Thailand so beware.


Vicious Anti-Semitism