A support letter from an investor to Richard Cayne

This email has just arrived from one of the investors;

Richard Cayne please don’t give up on us we need your support & We are here to support you!

On behalf of all the investors into the White Sands Beach / Royal Siam Trust land banking investment I wanted to send a note to Richard Cayne and express my sincere appreciation for the efforts he has made in pursuing Gregory Pitt the principle of the investment company who has defrauded us all.  Without Richard Cayne taking action we would be nowhere and Gregory Pitt free to liquidate our property and pocket the cash.  Richard has blocked him from taking such actions and today Gregory Pitt has an 18 year prison sentence against him and not able to leave Thailand as the courts have taken his passport as he is flight risk as he submits his appeal to the judgement.  I know how long and costly the legal process can be and Richard has clearly felt strongly about this and taken action for us which must have been a hard decision for him as the costs must be a burden to him not only the financial costs but the thousands of hours he has put into this effort as well as mental stress he must have endured up until now.

How many financial consultants would jump in the way Richard has done.  None, all advisors I can think of would simply walk away and call it a loss.  Richard stands by his investors and he is always very response and receptive to me.

Richard if you see this message please know that the investors are fully behind you and absolutely appreciate your support to us.

A supportive investor S