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Judge Slams Pitt – Again

By , Posted on March 30, 2015

Cayne Continues Fight for Investors:

Additional Group Takes Court Action Against Pitt Ponzi Scheme

Convicted fraudster Gregory Pitt has been in divorce proceedings with his wife, Maliwan Pitt, for several years. The legal action between the couple has escalated in recent weeks with a hearing in family court. Maliwan is seeking award of half of Pitt’s assets   – which has become a focal point in attempts to reclaim the property stolen from White Sands Beach investor by Pitt.

Maliwan Pitt has acknowledged that she withdrew all of the couple’s cash from their personal bank accounts and also removed all of the White Sands Beach title deeds from their secure storage. Inexplicably, the Judge in the divorce action has granted her permission to retain control of the title deeds pending resolution of the divorce action. The Judge’s decision to allow Maliwan to retain control of the title deeds comes despite a Tran Court’s conviction of Pitt for their theft and his 18-year prison sentence.

During the divorce proceedings in family court, Richard Cayne, Managing Partner of Meyer Asset Management, was in the court room representing investors defrauded by Pitt. Cayne’s presence in the court room was to argue that the…

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