About the White Sands Beach Investment Scam

White Sands Beach Co Ltd is a land banking investment which was offered to sale to investors by White Sands Beach Co Ltd/Royal Siam Trust Company. During the six year period from 2004 to 20 10 several hundred investors made investments in White Sands Beach Co Ltd, attracted to the investment potential by Thailand’s booming tourist industry and land values. Clients of Richard Cayne’s were among the hundreds of investors who invested in White Sands Beach Co Ltd. Richard Cayne Video on WSB

What is White Sands Beach/Royal Siam Trust?

Who Controls White Sands Beach/Royal Siam Trust?

What’s Happened to the Investors’ Money?

What Does Richard Cayne Have to Do With This?

Who is Daniel Edward Kennedy?

What is Daniel Kennedy’s interest in White Sands Beach/Royal Siam Trust ?