Over the period 2004~2009 more than 200 investors from Japan and Thailand had invested in a project named White Sands Beach, which is a company that is directed by Gregory Pitt residing in Bangkok, Thailand. Many of us, but not all, had been introduced to this project by financial consultants, one being Richard Cayne. There has been a lot of negative publicity about Richard Cayne and Meyer Asset Management on the Internet published by Gregory Pitt who tries to remain anonymous in his posts and we also notice that there is little or no commentary about Gregory Pitt who was Managing Director of both White Sands Beach Company and its marketing company Royal Siam Trust. Whitesandsbeach.info has been created to broaden the discussion on White Sands Beach so that some of us may express ourselves with regard to Gregory Pitt, inform and communicate with those who have been the victims of the White Sands Beach/Royal Siam Trust financial disaster, to expose the criminal actions of Gregory Pitt, and to counter the distraction of pointing fingers at Richard Cayne.
Richard Cayne and the investor group had taken legal action from 2011 once the loss was learned of and finally in late 2014 Gregory Pitt had been found guilty by Thai courts and sentenced to an 18 year prison sentence. He has since fled justice and currently on the run from the authorities.


Vicious Anti-Semitism