Daniel Kennedy

Who is Daniel Edward Kennedy? Why is he anonymously slandering Richard Cayne online?

UPDATE MARCH 2020; Daniel Kennedy Golfito Trenzas Business of land banking has now been deleted from the internet.  Only 2 years old and he has now pulled it. Whoever invested with him might be looking for him.  Feel free to contact us.  Additionally he has in a cowardly fashion started to use alias Paul Boucher to slander Richard Cayne online in continued efforts to help Gregory Pitt keep the stolen land. We wonder how much Pitt has paid him. Its clear to us that Kennedy is working for Pitt as no online slander at Pitt despite Pitt actually receiving an 18 year prison sentence in Thailand for cheating and fraudulent action having removed all investors rightful ownership of the land asset. Regardless Richard Cayne continues to fight for investors.

Daniel Kennedy, AKA Mike Gage, Paul Boucher, Daniel Giroux, Dan Kennedy lives in Osaka Japan and is a US National.  He claims to have come to Japan originally with US military though there is no proof of that other than his constant changing of names to suit his various business efforts.  He has been known to through a business Gage and Morita try and intimidate various Japan based businesses by slandering them online and asking for money in an extortionate effort to get his way and pay his bills.  He preys on unfortunate scenarios and tries to extract money for himself.  In regards to White Sands Beach / Royal Siam Trust Ltd investment he not only made false promises to aid investors who thought their money had been lost by asking them for retainer fees promising recovery of their investment.  His tactics of disseminating false rumors and manipulated information through slanderous online posts blogs worked for him to convince various hopeful investors of a faster recovery than via a legal route.  He originally caused much harm and grief to not only the investors in White Sands Beach Co Ltd but also to Richard Cayne acting as legal representative for the investor group.  Daniel Kennedy is a documented antisemite which helped fuel his rage at Richard Cayne for not folding to his extortionate demands.  His online current pen name is Paul Boucher and has been anonymously slandering Richard Cayne all over the internet since 2011 as he helps fugitive Gregory Pitt.

Viewable on his new business website https://www.golfito-trenzas.com/about-us he states that he is CEO of the company and a real estate developer for twenty years in the United States, Hong Kong and latin America which is interesting in that 2 years ago he was a private detective in his Gage and Morita business.  He further states he runs day to day operations in Costa Rica with address stated as

The Retreat at Golfito Trenzas

Rt. 14 to Golfito Bay (238 South) to Playa Zancudo Beach, Las Trenzas

Golfito, Puntarenas, 60701 Costa Rica

Yet Daniel continues to reside in Osaka Japan, how much on his statement of running Golfito-Trenzas day to day operations is he able to run from Japan when his profile on his new website has him in Costa Rica.  We have not at the time of writing looked into the various other characters on his Board of Directors but question whether this is simply a collage of people that he knows that he has put their profile up on his website.  His previous business of Gage Morita as well stated he had been in business for years with millions of dollars recovered for people yet its website and business was a new one at that time.  How many other misrepresentations has he made and is he making??

We find it fascinating that after supposedly helping on recovery in a land investment company in Thailand and collaborating with its principle Gregory Pitt who subsequently received an 18 year prison sentence in Thailand for cheating and fraud that Kennedy decided to open a very similar business selling land plots in Costa Rica!  Perhaps his associate Gregory Pitt who fled Thailand to avoid his prison sentence is in fact residing in Costa Rica helping Daniel Kennedy with his new Costa Rica Golfito-Trenzas land investment.  We do not know if Golfito-Trenzas land plots actually exist or if correct legal title has been obtained for his investors but we find this more than a mere coincidence.  As various emails between Gregory Pitt and Daniel Kennedy evidence not only was Kennedy working with Pitt against the investors litigation efforts but these two individuals are antisemites with various commonalities.    Both like to change names as and when suits them to hide from previous wrongdoings.  Though as far as we are concerned Daniel Kennedy has harmed us greatly since if not but for his meddling in the legal case and assistance to Gregory Pitt by acting to distract and consume the precious resources Richard Cayne and the groups lawyers devoted to the case we would certainly have the land asset back in hand already.  Daniel Kennedy and his associates should be held accountable and we will be seeking legal action against him.